A 4 player fast paced coop hack n’slash set in fantasy world of Dolmadore inspired by Hammerwatch, Gauntlet and Diablo.

  • Play solo or with up to four friends and create well balanced team to face any obstacle. Kill hordes of enemies together or get smashed during challenging and intense boss battles.
  • Collect or craft epic weaponry and build your character as you want with no class restrictions. Whether you want to be a swift archer using frost spells to slow your foes or a fire mage with full armor blowing himself up in the middle of the enemy swarm you can do it.


This game started as a little project made to play with my friends who live abroad now. I wanted a game where we can have fun, cooperate and support each other despite the distance between us. After a year of work the project got so big and overwhelming that I decided it can be released commercially.


Main features:

  • Around 50+ unique spells and abilities
  • No class system, you can be a healing wizard warrior archer depending on what abilities you choose.
  • 4 player LAN coop- game will put a lot of focus on cooperation (healing, tanking, buffing) but can be played solo too
  • Crafting system- make weapons and armor from gathered resources
  • Lots of randomly generated loot with 4 tiers of rarity (common, magic, elder and legendary)
  • Immersive story- The Fallen has awaken. The clash between gods and mortals will decide the fate of humanity.

I hope the game to be different from other dungeon crawlers/rpgs through a true epic non-anime story , no class system and opportunity to cooperate through heals, taunts and buffs.

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