The game takes setting in a fantasy world of Dolmadore where the oceans are filled with sea monsters and the other continents remain unknown. When the last dragon was killed, the heart of the world exploded and the continent shattered to different pieces. The game takes setting in one of such pieces.

The Fallen were people loyal to the Ancient God King. Long story short, the other gods overthrew him afraid of his power and turned the loyal ones into monsters. One of them was the Woodsman. Once the legendary warrior now a monster.


There are rumors that the Fallen God has returned but too weak yet to show up. Great powers of the current world are disturbed. Some want to destroy him for good this time and some want to chain him and feed on his power.
Two Gods - FINAL.jpg

The player takes role of a member of the of elite magic support squad of the Empire.  During your adventure you will get involved in a plot of the Fallen God’s return. His hands has already reached the foreign city of Thul’Vanas where your journey unexpectedly begin.